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Unmasking Democracy 2: The Whitewash

by Alicia Hope / Gangster Government

I have one question!

Can I have 2 scoops of gourmet vanilla ice cream on my banana republic?

No sprinkles!

Of course, I'm being facetious but the issue is that Susan Rice, Barack Obama and Samantha Power illegally unmasked Team Trump and they are going to get away with it. What does that say about the USA? When an incumbent can use the NSA as a spying tool against a challenger to prevent them from winning the presidency... we don't have a democracy!!!

When a msm publication like the WSJ calls the unmasking "a clear felony" -- you know things are worse than bad!!

Trey Gowdy says Susan did a good job during her testimony in front of the House Intel Committee! What does that mean? She lied about Bergdahl. She lied about Benghazi. She initially lied about unmasking Team Trump! Why would anyone, with an ounce of intelligence, believe her? Gowdy says he wants to see the documents to back up Susan's claim that they unmasked Trump in Dec 2016. The problem with that is the docs are being hidden at the Obama Presidential Library! Gowdy knows that bit of info. Trey is being disingenuous. No one can get them for 5 years(2022 AD) except the POTUS. Trump's not going to get them because the docs would be too damaging to the republic. His life would be over. Members of his family might even be killed by the shadow government! The docs would show that the spying took place long before Dec 2016. Why would Obama send the docs, that could be exculpatory, to a non-existent presidential library out of view when they could be used to prove their innocence!? Do they think we're that stupid?

This news report and many others indicated that the unmasking began up to a year before Trump took office!!! So... how does the meeting in Dec 2016 with the crown prince of the United Arab Emirates justify the unmasking when the unmasking happened prior to the meeting?

I'll bet Trey never asked that question! That's why it had to be behind closed doors. The American public couldn't see the "show" because it was fake.

And, why is the msm using the word "secret" to describe the December 2016 meeting? The prince obviously used his passport, got on a plane and landed at an airport somewhere in the USA. Surely, the NSA and TSA would have been aware of those facts.

The DNI report indicated that the unmasking requests tripled from 2015 to 2016. Some of the requests were ordered by Obama in July 2016.

And, let's not forget that someone leaked the documents to the Washington Post! Mike Rogers(director of the NSA) told the SASC, "that is illegal." Are we ever going to find out who leaked the docs to the Post?


Are we ever going to find out whether Rand Paul was unmasked?


I told you back in April that there would be a whitewash of the unmasking of Team Trump.

How did I know?

Did I speak to a psychic?

Did I look into a crystal ball?

It's simple.

I know gangsters when I see them. After you've observed gangsters for a long time, you learn how they operate. Like any good detective, you recognize their modus operandi.

Maybe, I will have some sprinkles on my banana republic but not too many!!! And, I'll throw a Maraschino cherry on top!

To quote Hillary, "What difference does it make?"

It's just a few more empty calories!

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