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Unmasking Democracy

by Alicia Hope

It's a sad day! It's a very sad day!! The system is out of control and the only way to regain a smidgen of control is for the unmaskers of Team Trump to go to federal prison otherwise the US is nothing more than a banana republic on steroids!!! The side effects of steroids can bring a variety of disabling conditions and even death! Now, do you see why I am so depressed? We're talking about the death of a nation! You can kiss the illusion of democracy good-bye forever!

It's disconcerting that the bastards in the White House unmasked US citizens for political reasons! National security was not even an issue! It was purely political in hopes of finding damning information on Team Trump!

What's even more concerning is the whitewash that's about to happen!

Do you really think Susan Rice is going to jail? The federal secrecy laws say she should get up to 10 years in prison! She won't!

You do know that it was Obama that gave her the directive to unmask Trump and his team!!

Do you think the New World Order globalist puppet named Obama is going to go to jail? I hate to rain on your parade but it's never going to happen! It should happen but it won't.

That's what is so painful.

Our democracy has been unmasked!

I know Princeton University said that the US is not a democracy but at least, in the past, I could pretend. I liked, as a kid, playing pretend! Now, I have to face the elephant in the room and the stench has over taken my senses!! I could try to hide the stench with lots of scented candles but the smell would still be in the air! I'd be fooling myself!

The whole world will soon smell what I smell and they will no longer respect America as a beacon of justice, freedom and democracy.

I'll consult a plastic surgeon as soon as possible to see if he or she can remove my nose from my face!

I no longer want to smell the smell of elitism, injustice and hypocrisy!

Maybe, I can get the surgery done on a VI-S-A(666) enslavement card!!!

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