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CNN is a joke

by Alicia Hope

I can't believe CNN is still pushing the Russia pushed fake news story as an excuse for Clinton's loss.

It sounds like something Maxwell Smart would have come up with to explain away his failures as a spy!

They really are insane! We saw Clinton being tossed like a rag doll into the back of a SUV! We read the emails that were leaked by Seth Rich to Wikileaks! We know that she had top secret emails on a private server. We know her staff destroyed evidence when they broke their Blackberries. We know about BleachBit. Platte River, the IT firm hired by Clinton, actually went on Reddit and asked ppl how to REMOVE names from the emails! Comey, in the hearings, admitted that the VIP in the Platte River ad on Reddit was Clinton. Hillary even had emails on her private server that were beyond top secret. Yet, according to Comey, there was no intent!

Did Putin make Clinton set up her private server network?

Did Putin stun Hillary with a top secret Russian-made ray gun that made Hillary lose all bodily function and have to be tossed head first into an SUV on 9/11/16 while leaving a 911 memorial in NY?

Did Putin make Clinton delete 33,000 emails?

Someone better call the head of CONTROL and tell the chief... the public isn't buying the bullshit!

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