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Tulsi Gabbard Needs to Leave the Demon-cratic Party

Alicia Hope

The one person I dream about voting for in 2020, Tulsi Gabbard, is being harassed by her own party! If she wants to be the next Bernie Sanders she should stay in the party! We all know Bernie was cheated by the DNC at the highest level. Nothing is beyond their evil ways. Do I need to list their many offenses against Mr. Sanders? The same unethical tactics will be used on Tulsi!!!

Howard Dean is calling Tulsi Gabbard's stance on the Syrian missile strikes a disgrace. No, Mr. Dean is the disgrace!

Tulsi Gabbard is calling for an investigation of the strikes! That's a very reasonable position! Were soil samples taken? Why didn't the rescuers have on hazmat suits or MOPP suits instead of open sandals and bare hands?

Sarin's shelf life — the time it takes to degrade — ranges from several weeks to several months. So once it's out there, it sticks around an awfully long time.

The powers that be never want an investigation when there is something to hide. Did they ever examine the steel from the twin towers or did they ship it out of the country and turn some of it into a warship!?

Tulsi is a vet that has a vested interest in peace and Mr. Dean is a mouthpiece for the Military Industrial Complex!

Mr Dean needs to get out of politics and check into an insane asylum. He hasn't been sane since his blood curdling scream in 2004.

Gabbard responded to the criticism in a tweet Monday, where she said, “Those who’ve declared Trump a habitual liar now vilify those refusing to blindly follow him into another regime change war. Hypocrisy.”

Tulsi recently introduced legislation to stop the US from arming terrorists in Syria!! Tulsi also went on CNN and said, "The CIA must stop the illegal, counterproductive war to overthrow Assad!!"

That's someone we can get behind!!!

She's too brilliant, too progressive and too brave for the Democrats or Republicans!!!

Let the Demon-crats enjoy their spirit cooking!

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