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In the Black of Night

by Alicia Hope

Did you know that Seth Rich, after he was shot, actually spoke to DC police before he died and what he told them could help investigators identify his killers?! A video tape even exists and it supposedly shows 2 assailants running from the crime scene! Of course, DC police will not confirm the existence of a video tape.

Seth was shot twice in the back by a coward that was probably paid for the hit! I know what you're going to say! That's a conspiracy theory, right? But... let's look at the most recent facts. Seth was wearing an expensive Jewish chai pendant that wasn't taken. His watch and wallet were not taken! The media wants to say it was a botched robbery but the police haven't repeated that motive!

Assange hinted:

“Our whistleblowers go to significant efforts to get us material and often [face] very significant risks. A 27-year-old that works for the DNC was shot in the back, murdered just a few weeks ago for unknown reasons, as he was walking down the street in Washington, DC."

Why would Assange say such a thing?

Why would Wikileaks offer a 20k reward for info leading to the arrest of the killers?

Roger Stone tweeted:

“Four more dead bodies in the Clinton’s wake. Coincidence? I think not. @ClintonsWar"

Roger Stone was recently targeted for assassination! His doctors diagnosed his illness as poisoning from polonium! Stone says the deep state wanted to stop him from testifying in front of Congress about the Russian hack lie.

It was explained that Stone's hospital toxicology tests were seized under national security. Roger Stone is having private tests done! Alex Jones is openly stating, "Stone is going to die! It's too late to prevent terminal cancer from that kind of hot particle!"

Craig Murray has already said that he met an intermediary in a park in DC that gave him the leaked DNC emails! I never heard that on the msm. Why won't the fake media investigate Murray's claim?

The fake media won't talk to Murray because they'd rather ignore his allegation and hope that the dumbed-down sheeple never learn about it!

Jack Burkman is offering a $130,000 reward. That brings the total hanging out there for clues to $175,000.

Let's hope and pray that Seth's soulless killers are brought to justice and that they reveal the monsters that hired them!

Seth Rich, if he was involved in leaking some of the DNC emails, didn't die in vain. He was only 27 and he may have helped alter the course of history!!!

The power of what 1 person can do is simply amazing!!!

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