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BUSTED!!! NBC Caught red-handed removing critical evidence from their site about OTHER occupants in PADDOCK'S ROOM

NBC was probably forced by the FBI or some other agency to remove any mention of the story involving other occupants in room 135!! Remember, on Friday, NBC posted a story that mentioned a charger that didn't match any of Paddock's cell phones and even more important ... someone used his hotel key card to enter the room when at the same time hotel computers indicated that Paddock's car had left the hotel garage!!!

They couldn't explain this discrepancy, so they erased the story from the web! How could Paddock be in 2 places at the same time!!! The story is in the previous post but if you click the link to read more... it goes to a completely different story! The story that was there on Friday is gone!!! This ought to raise more red flags in the minds of anyone with a modicum of sense!!!

Maybe, the intel agencies wrote the new story for NBC!

Until we see Paddock bringing in 10 or more suitcases on video tape from a hotel surveillance camera, I won't believe the official story! Now, we are suppose to believe that Paddock was driving to a gun range to practice shooting?! We're also suppose to believe Paddock left a note with distance calculations on it! Of course, he LEARNED THAT INFO from the web!!

That's awfully convenient!!

We don't know who wrote the note or whether it even exists!!!

Anyone could have written that note!

Is a 10 year old writing the official story line?

It sure seems like it!

The funny thing about NBC taking down the old story is that the link is still the same!!!

Look at what the link says -- --- but the story is completely different!!!

Let me tell you now... NBC is not going to address their deliberate obfuscation of the facts that were previously mentioned in their own article!!!

Don't wait for any explanation!

Ever heard of the MEMORY HOLE?

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