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Did Darion Marcus Aguilar have a handler?

Alicia Hope

Pat Collins just reported that the Columbia Mall Shooter may have had some help! Pat Collins works for

Darion Marcus Aguilar met someone at a Wendy's restaurant in or near Burtonsville Md immediately before going on his shooting rampage inside the Columbia Mall! After his meeting with this unknown person, a witness says that the shooter got in a cab,slouched down and left the area! He was, no doubt, on his way to the mall in Howard County!

Pat Collins went on to report that there is some speculation that Darion Marcus Aguilar and the same individual from the Wendys meeting were together on the day that DMA purchased the weapon!!!

There has to be a camera at the gun shop. It would be easy to show the witnesses the image from the gun shop and let them compare it to the POI from Wendy's.

Who was the person DMA met with prior to his killing spree? Who was the person with DMA at the gun shop?

Will he disappear into thin air, never to be seen or heard from... again?!

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