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You Can't Obliterate the 'Will of the People'

By Alicia Hope / GangsterGovernment

This may be a startling revelation to some but you can't bomb the will of the people! The will of the people is untouchable, primordial, and divine in essence! Some U.S. government officials seem to think that if you win the battle, you will win the war! Nothing could be farther from the truth!

So much damage has been done to the image of the U.S., it may be irreversible! The internet has really given the power back to the people! Images of tortured Iraqi's travelled all over the world faster than the speed of light! The power of the world wide web quickly unravelled the 9/11 hoax and exposed the world to the evil of the NWO! The Pentagon even thought they could brainwash the public with their full frontal assault on the American psyche by using the media as it's mouthpiece!

The people of the world want change and they will not bend their will to accommodate a few greedy satanists that want to dominate the Earth and micro-chip the population!

Are we going to see the Predator flying in the U.S. soon?

Hellfire missiles can't lock on to ideas or values! When they talk about the exemplary human spirit, they talk about that combination of hope, faith, resilience, patience and related qualities which give the individual the strength to get himself out of, or through hard times.

Technology will always succumb to the power of the human spirit!

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