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New Iraq Assessment is Nothing New!

By Alicia Hope

A new report of U.S. policy in Iraq by the same experts who advised the original Iraq Study Group concludes that political progress is "so slow, halting and superficial" and political fragmentation "so pronounced" that the United States is no closer to being able to leave Iraq than it was a year ago.

The report partially states that if Iraq fails to act, Washington should "cut its losses" and work out a withdrawal schedule!


They should have cut their losses a long time ago but they'll keep trying to force this thing down the throats of the rest of the world! After all, they need their 14 "enduring" bases for global imperialism!

There needs to be a report that says,"The New Order of the Ages is an evil, demonic agenda that is doomed to fail!"

"Reductions in troop levels will likely result in some degree of chaos and violence no matter what," the report warns. "The decentralized, fragmented political dynamic in Iraq cannot be reversed." Creation of a strong central government that can take on security is unlikely to happen in the time left for the current expanded U.S. military presence.

The report is due for release today(4-6-08).

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